What Medical Supplies You Should Have At Home

question1For a home first aid kit, there are a few staples that everyone knows you ought to have. Bandages, alcohol, antibiotic creams, aspirin, etc. But is that all that is necessary? Obviously, you aren’t going to be prepared for EVERY possible emergency, but as technology advances, there are more and more things that you can include in your home first aid kit.

For example, did you know that there are defibrillators that you can get for home use? While they are expensive, if you have someone living in your home who is prone to cardiac arrest, then having one would be a good idea.

There are also some basic tools that you should have on hand. Tweezers of varying types, even scalpels can come in handy if you know how to use them. In the case of someone choking, a tracheostomy can be life-saving if you are unable to remove the blockage.

Along with the proper tools and items, you should also have some familiarity with them and know when each is best used. This way you don’t end up accidentally hurting someone further in an effort to help them.

So bandages, alcohol, tweezers, medical tape, gauze, aspirin, blankets, extra medication (for those who need it), etc should all be part of your home kit. Anything else you include is up to you and the potential needs of people living in your home. Obviously you won’t need something like EMS Stretchers, but the more supplies you have, the better you will be able to handle a medical emergency.

So fill up your kits and be prepared for whatever the future may bring.