Preparing For A Storm

tropical-stormIf you live on the east coast, then you know about hurricane season. It’s that time of year when we all keep our eyes and ears open for news of a potentially damaging storm that could head our way. While they don’t necessarily hit every year, it is important to know what is needed in case one should come to your city. Because when they do, they can cause untold damage and possibly loss of life.

Obviously, having supplies of nonperishable food and plenty of water for each individual are a must. People also instinctively buy flashlights and batteries and radios so that they can stay informed and well lit. A powerless mean to cook food is also a good idea, but there’s something that is often overlook: medical supplies.

If anyone in your home is on medication, then they should stock up before the storm arrives in case pharmacies are closed due to extreme weather or damage. Also having an abundance of first aid supplies is crucial as if there are severe injuries due to the storm, help may not be able to get to you quickly, and so having the ability to treat wounds will be potentially life saving.

Buying these supplies may seem expensive, especially since you are getting them on a “just in case” basis, but think about what would happen if you needed them and didn’t have them. Besides, you can find places (like where you can find kits and supplies for a relatively low price. Once you have these, you don’t need to buy them again.

Being prepared means being ready for anything. So when preparing for the next stormy season, make sure that you have all that you need for whatever may come your way.