Do You Have The Stomach For Surgery?

mock-operation-stuffed-animalOne of the challenges that surgeons face is simply one of being able to stomach the sights, sounds and smells of operating on a live patient. This can be more difficult for some than you may think. First of all, let’s get the stress factor out of the way. You are literally cutting into a sedated, but very much alive human being, and your actions will have consequences for that individual. That alone can be nerve-wracking enough to keep some away from this profession. But there’s even more.

One has to be able to keep a calm head while looking at what most would consider a gory mess. While it’s true that surgery is not as “open” as it used to be (with many types of surgery taking place only with very small incisions and the use of cameras and special tools), it can still be a grizzly sight. And not everyone has the ability to stomach it.

While, of course, there are certain training aids that student doctors can use to accustom them to the sights (like moulage kits, videos and models), there is also a smell factor. Certain types of diseases can leave the insides of patients smelling quite foul and this poses yet another distraction for surgeons.

So it does actually take a very special type of person to work in this area. The fact that they can tolerate so much, and perform very precise actions under these circumstances is all but miraculous.

If you have ever considered entering the medical field, and have considered being a surgeon, I would first recommend that you watch videos of various surgeries online first. If you can handle that, it’s a good first step in deciding if this is the right thing for you to pursue.