There’s No Substitute For Experience

cprIn any sort of medical emergency, you’re going to be under a quantity of stress. The stress of whatever the victim is going through, the stress of how much or little time you have to act, the stress of the consequences of the situation, etc. So it’s extremely important that whatever the situation is, that you are well versed with the first aid procedure that you are going to be undertaking.

Having comfort with whatever tools you will use and the maneuvers you will be practicing is crucial, and the only way to get that is with hard-won experience.

Now this is a bit of a tricky one. How exactly are you supposed to get experience for a medical emergency outside of an emergency situation? The average person doesn’t deal with such situations on a frequent basis, so where is one supposed to get this hands-on knowledge? The answer is from training.

Proper training, involving professionals and correct medical training equipment can make the difference between someone who knows a bit about first aid, and someone who is proficient in its use. First aid is designed to save lives, and so competence in its use is an absolute must.

There are many ways to get this training and experience. Many local fire departments will offer classes as a community service. You can also usually find some training events being sponsored by some hospital or other company. Most times, you can get this training for little or no money, and you will have acquired a very valuable skill.

So don’t just settle for reading about how to do CPR or about how to set a broken bone. Get out there and give it some proper practice and you will feel much more competent and comfortable should you ever find yourself in a position where you need to use your knowledge.