Advanced Home First Aid Items

Typically, when one thinks of home first aid, the usual spread of items come to mind: bandages, alcohol, antibiotic creams, gauze, painkillers, etc. These are the tried and true parts of any first aid kit, and their use is important as they are so frequently needed for a variety of emergencies and injuries.

But they are far from everything that may be needed. For example, how are bandages going to help you if a victim isn’t breathing? Or if someone’s heart stops? For those type of situations, you’ll need to more advance “firepower”. That’s where the following devices come in.

Home defibrillators can be used to start up someone’s heart again. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes (and also prices) but you can find some for less than $300. Their effectiveness is questionable, but then again, there’s not a whole lot of data available yet as to how useful they really are. Many would argue that it’s still better to have one than to not.

Clotting sponges are useful in the case of large, bleeding wounds. They can be quickly applied and will work to stop bleeding in the area. Whenever there is a lot of blood loss, the first target should be to stop it and these devices can often do the trick. Tourniquets can also help, but there is a risk in applying one in that if no blood goes to the area for too long a time, then amputation may become necessary.

These tools don’t necessarily need to be part of every home first aid kit, but having them wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can find these and more items like them here.