Having The Proper Medical Bag

When it comes to first aid, one would think that the materials inside your kit are far more important than what you use to transport or store them in. And if you think that way, you’d of course be correct. But don’t discount all importance of having a proper way to carry your first aid gear, as you will learn, there’s more to it than just a simple sack.


A proper medical bag is one that can store all of and at the same time, protect the items of your first aid kit. If you happen to have sensitive items inside, like an automatic blood pressure monitor, or blood sugar testing devices, you’ll need a bag that can keep them cushioned and safe from impact.

You will also want one that can stop UV light from entering. Light can degrade certain chemicals, and if you have to keep drugs or medicines in your bag, you don’t want any sunlight getting in and damaging them.

There is also an element of how easy the bag is to carry. If you are a doctor performing a home visit, then a simple handle is enough. But if you are going to be having to navigate difficult terrain in getting to those you are trying to help, then you will need one that offers a hands-free strap.

It seems a trivial thing, but having the proper gear means having ALL of the proper gear necessary, and the bag you use is also of importance. Not to mention that if you are a distinguished doctor, you’ll want one that also looks the part as well, aside from being functional too.