Proper First Aid Equipment

home kitWhen one thinks of a first aid kit, usually one will think of a small collection of bandages, alcohol (or other disinfectant) and some topical cream. While this certainly is far better than having nothing at all, it’s a far cry from a complete kit. A true first aid kit will include everything you may need for a common emergency.

Now, if this kit is for the home, you may not think that you’ll need all that much. Well, think again! Most accidents occur in the home. Not necessarily because the home is a dangerous place, but because you spend more time there. So it’s important that even a home first aid kit carry sufficient items.

Things like bandages (of various sizes and types to accommodate all sorts of wounds), antibiotic creams, burn gel, aspirin (useful not only for pain, but also for fevers), gauze, cold packs, etc all should be in a first aid kit as they can all be utilized in common injuries.

While you can purchase the basic essentials from your local pharmacy, you may end up forgetting something. This is why getting a pre-assembled kit is a good way to go (one like this: as it will have all the items in it already (including some you probably didn’t think of).

While some of these kits may seem expensive, realize that once you buy it, you’re all set for several years. So it really isn’t all that much once you think about it. And can you really put a price on having the ability to treat someone in a medical emergency?