Deciding On A Medical Specialty

doctorThere are those who aspire to be a doctor. They dream of having an office, regular patients and the regular operating hours and salary that goes with that type of setup. It’s not a bad gig at all. But there are others who would prefer to specialize in a particular part of the body, or in treating a specific type of malady. These are the doctors that others will send their patients to in the event of a particular circumstance or tricky situation. These specialists are looked up to by their peers and have a great deal of knowledge in their fields.

Perhaps during the course of your medical training you decide that this is what you want to become. So how do you course which type of specialist to be?

Well, this obviously would depend on where your interest or talent lies. Perhaps you have lost someone to a certain illness or condition and would like to honor them by working to treat it in others. This has been a motivating factor for many. There could also just be a particular pathology that you take a great deal of interest in. In becoming a specialist of a particular organ or body region, it again boils down to interest and talent.

There’s no real rules except for one: you need to pick a field that you are genuinely passionate about. Remember that you are going to be working and living and eating and breathing that specific subject around the clock. So it had better be one that you really like.

If your interest is purely in medicine in general, then perhaps a general practitioner is what you should be (which is totally fine). But if you have an area of great interest, then consider becoming a specialist. There are also others areas in the medical field besides doctors. Check out this book here to more info.