A Few Cautions About Self Diagnosis

warning-alert-signAt line in an age where information is almost instantaneous. We have grown accustomed to having our requests for data being met in the blink of an eye. Want to know how much money is in your back account right now? You can probably find out in a few clicks. Want to check how much rent costs in Denver? Again, only a few seconds stands between you and having the answer. So it’s no wonder that many people are also looking for answers to their medical questions in a similar way, expecting near instant responses.

There are lots of websites that seem to offer this data. And I use the word “seem” carefully. These types of sites text to be more of a site of database of diseases and their symptoms and usually a brief bit about their treatment. Many people go to these sites when they are feeling ill in hope of finding a quick remedy. Sometimes you can find just that. But other times complications could result.

This is because of two factors. The first is that people tend to diagnose themselves with every illness under the sun, moon and stars. This can lead a person to believe that they are shocked than they are, and that can actually make a person sick!

The second, and more important problem, is that a serious condition could be missed. Had the person gone to a real doctor earlier a potentially dangerous condition could have been detected and handled in time.

People tend to find what they themselves want to find. A person who usually shrugs off and body problems is likely to not find anything wrong with themselves at all whereas a hypochondriac will jump to the conclusion that they are terminal.

The solution in both cases is to visit an actual doctor. Their medical training gives them the information needed to make a correct estimation of the patient without bias. No website can substitute an actual doctor with his opthalmoscope and stethoscope and knowledge