Some Common Cures For Headaches

headache pillsThe headache is one of the most annoying, frustrating, distracting and unwelcome sensations. They range from a slight nagging in the head to crippling migraines that stop a person from doing pretty much anything. The natural reaction is to go for a pain killer, but some may not want to just to that route. All drugs (even over the counter ones) can have side effects, and the accumulation of drug residues in the body can cause unwanted effects later in life. So as an alternative to pills, here’s a few cures for common sources of headaches.

The first is that the body is thirsty or malnourished. Many people get caught up in their busy days that they forget to eat, or don’t eat enough. Your stomach may be used to not having a lot, but your body may still be suffering, and a headache can be the result. If you haven’t eaten in a while, have a snack and that may subside your symptoms. Also drink plenty of water too as headaches are a symptom of dehydration.

You may be deficient in salt and/or potassium. When you sweat, these minerals are lost, and your body needs them. If you live in a warm climate (or have been outside on a hot day), then this may be the cause of your headache. We don’t usually notice this when we sweat at the gym because we tend to drink sports drinks which replace these minerals. But a day at the beach or just a walk in the summer could do it. You can buy salt and potassium tablets at any pharmacy.

You may also be suffering from eye strain. Especially if your job involves staring at a screen all day long. Give your eyes a rest and see if you can shut them for a few minutes. Or try focusing on objects far away (to give the muscles that control your lenses a break). Find more info here: