Performing CPR On A Child

childOf all of the common first aid techniques, CPR it undoubtedly the most ubiquitous. And while it has the ability to be one of the most crucial, it can also be one of the more dangerous procedures to apply. How’s that? Well, it can be very dangerous to apply it to a child.

As CPR goes, you’ll have to breathe for the victim by forcing air into their lungs. You’ll also have to essentially beat their heart for them by applying pressure to their chest. In a child, their lungs are smaller, so overfilling is an issue. Their chest and ribs are smaller as well, so the threat of applying too much pressure to the chest, and possibly harming internal organs is also present. This is why proper CPR training is essential if one is to perform it on a child.

As children vary in size, you’ll need to have at least some familiarization with performing the procedure on various body sizes. This is where a CPR manikin comes into play. It is a physical representation of the human body which is designed for use in CPR training. They come in all sizes so one can practice on a child or baby CPR manikin and get a literal feel for how much to breathe and how hard to press. This why one already knows what to do in the event of an emergency. This greatly reduces the risk of accidental injury and improves the chances of patient survival.

This training isn’t very expensive. In fact, one can often find it for free in their city. Also, while not as effective as hands-on training, one can at least gain familiarity with an online CPR course.