Preparing For A Death In The Family

angel-1500972_960_720Sometimes, your time is simply up. Though it is typically an unpleasant point of discussion, death is a completely natural and (as of right now) inevitable part of life. We all have our time, whether long or short, and when it’s over, it’s over, no matter what you have in your medical supply bag. So while we try to learn first aid so that we can preserve and save life whenever possible, we must understand and accept that sometimes, it is the only result.

Therefore, we need to be prepared for and ready to handle a death when it happens. Usually, we would prefer if it comes as no surprise. The person has had a chance to say their goodbyes, and no one is caught off guard. This would be the most optimum way to go about it. if someone you know is nearing that point, help them to get in contact with those they wish to communicate with. Help them to terminate or hand-off any things they may be in the middle of (you don’t want to have the person pass having unfinished business). Essentially, you want to make it very “ok” for the person to depart. We don’t truly know what happens afterward, but if existence continues on in another form, then let’s make it as easy for the person to do so as possible.

If the death comes unexpectedly, this can be harder. Usually, the priority is to help the surviving family with they issued that they will now need to take care of. Expenses, property, etc. All these things, while not in the front of everyone’s mind, can make things hard for an already grieving family. By assisting with these things, you can make the situation a bit better. Also, being an ear to¬† talk to can make a big difference. People will grieve in their own way, but if you can, try to get the rest of the family to engage in some group activity. Remembering the best about the person who dies is usually beneficial as people can feel gratefulness for the time they did have together.