Better Midwife Training

baby-718146_960_720The midwife is a staple for many before, during and after childbirth. There is comfort in knowing that there is someone around who is there exclusively for you, and who has herself experienced what is about to happen, both personally and with others before you. Even though she is not a doctor, and is not a substitute for one, she is still a calming and useful element.

But while most midwives are trained in some of the basic theory and techniques of childbirth, not all of them have personally practiced delivering a baby. That is to say, being the one who catches the newborn and knows that problems signs to look for and how to handle them on the “business end”. This is why it would be a good idea for more midwives to train using a birthing simulator.

A birthing simulator is a medical manikin that represents a woman giving birth. It can be positioned in a variety of poses and includes a model baby which will be forced out of a synthetic vagina. It is actually quite realistic and provides a great training experience for anyone who is going to have anything to do with delivering a baby.

Obviously, the more training a person has, the better prepared they will be to handle an emergency should one come up. And a birthing simulator is the best way to train people on properly handling the miracle of birth.