The Administrative Side To Running A Hospital

ledger-1428230_960_720When one thinks about who would work in a hospital, one would typically think of doctors and nurses and technicians. These people are the ones getting patients treated and getting the results and causing the miracles. Truly they are the most important part of the hospital staff.

But they are not the only element of importance in the area. For every good doctor and his nurses, there is an administrative person who is working behind the scenes, making sure that the doctors can do their jobs. And it is vital that they are there.

To see their importance, it is only necessary to imagine how the hospital would be without them. Once the doctors use all of a certain item, there is no one to order more. The doctor would have to take time away from patients to do it. There wouldn’t be anyone coordinating which patient went where, so that would be something else that the doctors or nurses would have to figure out. This is not a situation that you would want. You want the medical staff to be doing their jobs exclusively with the patients, not handling all that administrative stuff.

This is what makes the administrative staff so important. They are the ones who have to order everything from disposable items to anatomical manikins. Not to mention that there would be no one to collect payment from the patients and shortly the hospital would go broke!

Any company or business (unless they are exclusively in the business of finance) has those who get the actual work done, and those who keep the business there and operating. This is the difference between a technical and administrative staff. You’ll find this everywhere, from auto shops to department stores.

So the next time you find yourself visiting the hospital, don’t only thank the doctors and their staff, but give thanks to the others who work there too. They are the ones who keep the doctors where they are needed.