Medical Technologies We Need Today

ambulance-1822457_960_720Medicine is one of the most interesting and necessary fields of interest and study. It is also one where many advancements will frequently be seen. If you take a look at prosthetics, for example, from 30 years ago, you would see a world of difference compared to what is available now. Yet even with all of the progress, there are still certain things that are needed on an immediate basis.

One of which is a better way to manage diabetes. While there are methods of keeping it under control, and sugar levels in a normal range, it can be cumbersome and a mistake can send the afflicted person to the hospital. A better method would be a wearable that would automatically and constantly monitor blood sugar levels, and dispense insulin as needed. This tech actually isn’t all that far away.

Another advancement begging to be made would be the ability to stop bleeding instantaneously. Many gunshot victims die because they bleed out before help arrives. An simple and effective way to stop bleeding could save many lives. This technology may be just around the corner, with military medical tech being brought to the civilian world.

Finally, medical training is in need for the advancement of medical manikins. Right now, the most realistic one is probably the Susie Simon manikin. While it does get the job done, imagine having a realistic, robotic patient that could exhibit a wide range of symptoms, be operated on, and used for the training of medical professionals. This would make for more experienced doctors right out of the gate. While there are certainly many types of medical training manikins, one as advanced as this is not quite here yet. But with advancing technology, one can safely assume that it is only a matter of time.