Advanced First Aid Kits

first-aid-2020927_960_720When there is an injury or other medical emergency, it is important that the correct supplies are to hand in order to best deal with it. This is why it is always recommended (and often required) to have a good first aid kit to hand. Most of these its have similar items like band-aids, disinfecting wipes and creams, anti-allergens, gauze, etc. These items are good for most situations are are necessary. But what about more serious types of situations?

If you are trying to deal with a broken bone or worse, trying to help someone who has stopped breathing, then the items mentioned above are simply not going to cut it. This is where a more advanced type of first aid kit comes in handy. This is what is known as a trauma bag.

A trauma bag contains medical equipment designed to handle bigger and more serious problems. Things like and AED, splints and stitching supplies can be found in these more robust kits. Granted that using these items will require more training and knowledge to use than the simple household items in your typical first aid kit. However, they have the ability to take care of greater emergencies.

Now, not everyone needs to necessarily have one of these trauma bags. They are more reserved for specific situations. Like people who often go climbing or hiking or any type of activity where there is a higher potential for injury. These are the scenarios where you would be wise to ensure that this type of equipment is to hand.

Being prepared is the most important factor in preventing loss of life. Obviously you would try everything possible and take every precaution to avoid injury in the first place, but should one occur, having the right tools for the job can totally prevent loss of life.