In Appreciation Of EMTs

ambulance-1674877_960_720Honest story: I was teaching my middle school class today about the dark ages and was going over the fall of Rome to the Goths. While discussing the breakdown of the cutting-edge civilization (for the time) I started doing a lot of thinking about the society in which we find ourselves currently.

We have a lot of amenities as well as the ability to take advantage of a lot of social systems and programs. Not the least of which is emergency services such as fire fighters, police and EMTs. With just a press of a few buttons, we can have access to help in any of the above areas.

This got my appreciation for all of those people up, but specifically EMTs and the services that they provide. At a moment’s notice, they can come to the aid of people all over their cities, barreling down the streets in what are essentially mini-hospitals (filled with emergency equipment like this stuff:, ready to serve.

This also made me appreciate just how far medical technology has come in our modern age. Just look at the kinds of emergencies these teams are able to handle! From broken bones to poisons to burns to cardiac arrest, these teams of professionals and their equipment are ready to take care of a whole gamut of emergencies.

While EMTs may not save as many lives as popular media would have us believe (less than 20% of all calls for an ambulance actually required an actual ambulance and crew), they are still an invaluable part of the society. And I think that we all feel a little bit safer knowing that they exist and are out there, ready to help no matter how big or small the emergency situation may be.